About Sharkwatchband

Shark Watchband is a stylish apple watch bands brand based in Hongkon. Born out of a love for all things tech, the iwatchband brand started in 2020 and it has been one exciting adventure. We strive to offer quality apple watch bands along with excellent customer service and as we grow we hope our customers will grow along side us!

At Shark Watchband we believe in individuality and the need to display our self-expression. People and trends evolve, we are dedicated to growing with the current trends to continue bringing you the latest in tech accessories.

We develop our bands with you in mind. We stay on-trend, fashionable, and of course, always have fun.

about sharkwatchband
Buyers trust us

The goal of Sharkwatchband is to provide a consistent level of unmatched quality to the apple watch community while tailoring our offerings to the needs of the individual. That's why we offer a handful of distinct product lines to address the key needs of all watch wearers. To prove how much we believe in the Sharkwatchband brand, we offer a lifetime guarantee on most of our product lines. If you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to me personally at service@sharkwatchband.com